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Payment Options

At WellnessOne of Eastgate, it's our goal to help you achieve your maximum health & wellness, no matter what your budget may be. To that end, we have created a pricing structure that is flexible enough to serve every patient's individual financial needs. Following is a general overview of our payment options, however, if you have specific questions please feel free to contact us!


Dealing with insurance companies can often be confusing. Our financial officer is here to assist you through this process and can fully explain your coverage and options. If you have health insurance, we will ask for a copy of your insurance card at the front desk during your first appointment. This will allow us to obtain and verify your insurance benefits, as well as obtain information regarding authorizations or referrals. Most insurance policies include a patient responsibility in the form of a co-pay, deductible, and/or co-insurance amount.

WellnessOne is a preferred provider with many major insurance companies, including the following: Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Healthcare, and more. Please call our office for a full listing of accepted insurance companies.

Auto Accidents

Many patients seek out chiropractic care following auto accidents. We are happy to send personal injury protection (PIP) claims to your insurance company. If you were not at fault for the accident, this will not change your rates or cost your company extra money. Auto insurance companies usually pay 100% of charges related to the accident. If your carrier does not, we will inform you, and you will be responsible for the charges. If you do not have PIP, your private health insurance may cover the claims. We are also happy to work with any legal representation you may retain.

Work Injuries/Labor & Industries

If you have been injured at work, you may choose to see a chiropractor for spine related injures to serve as your attending physician. We are able to bill either Washington State Labor & Industries or your worker's compensation carrier. If your claim is accepted, 100% of charges are covered. In the case that your claim is not accepted, we are able to bill your private health insurance. Please note that at this time we are unable to bill federal labor & industries claims.


Medicare does not require a referral from another doctor for chiropractic care. We are happy to bill Medicare, and they will pay for chiropractic adjustments that they determine to be "reasonable and necessary" and related to an acute condition. Medicare does not reimburse for the following: exams, x-rays, massage therapy, spinal decompression, or cold laser therapy. Although they usually pay for chiropractic adjustments, they may not cover all services within a given time period. Any services not covered by Medicare will be charged directly to the patient, and the patient will be responsible for payment.

Veteran's Advantage Program

If you are a veteran, simply present your veteran's identification at the front desk to be automatically enrolled in our Veteran's Advantage program. This program allows you to save 40% or more on chiropractic services. We are proud to support our veterans and offer thanks for your service!

Cash Payment

For patients who have little or no health insurance coverage, we are happy to work with you to find a payment plan that will fit in with your budget. It is our goal to provide you the chiropractic care that you need at a price that will work for you, regardless of coverage status. We accept cash, personal checks, debit, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

If you have any questions about our payment options, please give us a call: (425) 289-0092!

Our friendly office staff will be happy to help.

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